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  1. TAO Nightclub and Sexy Rose Petal Bathtubs

    If you’re a Vegas-goer, even in a past life, you’re familiar with TAO. It’s one of the cookie-cutter, over-the-top, spend-too-much-money Vegas clubs we’re all used to. One thing TAO is known for is having bathtubs full of rose petals. There are two potential reasons to having these tubs: Lounging area for sexy girls to dance and […]

  2. Object Oriented Programming

    Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby, by Sandi Metz, is a great read. This is a book for programmers. Whatever the language, whatever the skill, if you’re an engineer working on an object-oriented application, this will help. I have a deep respect for anyone that can distill complicated and controversial issues. Out of the many “This is Best Way” type […]

  3. Understand Deeply

    Understanding deeply is difficult. We overlook the holes in our own knowledge and run full speed at advanced topics. During academics, pinpointing a lack of understanding is easy. If we’re clueless on an assignment or bomb a test, then we’ve missed some concepts. Since everything is naturally cumulative, it’s straightforward to figure out when things get fuzzy. It’s when you look at […]