The Best Recruitment Emails

I keep my personal inbox very clean. I’m the “Zero Inbox” type and my desktop icons have been aligned since the 7th grade. I’m good at inbound filtering and I’m excellent at unsubscribing from mailing lists.

Despite all this, I neglect one particular inbox — LinkedIn. This is the inbox where 99% of the messages are from recruiters. We all know what we signed up for, no surprises here.

The effort put into recruitment emails is low and their effectiveness is shit. Filtering for “A+ Python Engineer” followed by copy-paste does not work well.

Thoughtful recruitment messages are few and far between these days. I’m going to use this post to present a simple template that works well.

Proper Introduction

The recruitment email should start with a proper introduction for the recruiter.

Do you represent the company directly? Are you an associate with a recruiting firm?

This should be one sentence and it should be first.

Show You’ve Read My Profile

Mention something which shows you have done some research on the prospect. This should go beyond my endorsed skills. All the information is there, it just requires more work than a LinkedIn filter.

I received a great cold email once which started with a positive comment on how I had recently started a new project on GitHub. They even mentioned which language it was written in — very cool.

Having this personal note at the beginning of the message is huge. It sets a nice tone for the whole message and puts it in the top 5%.

Brief Introduction of Company and Role

The company needs a proper introduction which includes what they are doing and their current status. This should be followed by a brief introduction of the role. Recruiters have no excuse for not understanding the roles they’re hiring for. It’s their job.

The cherry on top for this section is if the recruiter can specifically link the background of the prospect with the role. Why am I a fit in particular? The position itself — Python Engineer — is useless.

Don’t Rush an Ending

The best endings are the ones where we can breath and take our time. I should be left with no sense of urgency.

If now is not the right timing, maybe we can connect in 6 months. If this isn’t a good fit for me, would I know any friends that might be interested?

I have forwarded recruiters to a few of my friends purely based on how well the first message was written. This has only happened three times so far.

In conclusion, the quality needs to be upped for recruitment emails. Recruiting is really, really hard, but that doesn’t mean we resort to quantity over quality.



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  • Paul May 13, 2016 on 3:04 PM

    Kind of u related, but can you comment on BCITs CST program? It’s the only one I can afford to do. It’s a two year full time diploma and the option to finish bTech part time. Regular fan and please keep the videos coming … 🙂